System Programming Primer

I would like to remind anyone who is aspiring to become a "programmer" that there exists two worlds of programming
1. Application Programming
2. System Programming

Most of the courses available today like JAVA, .NET, Web Application Development, Front End Development, Back End Development, Full Stack Development, Android Development, iOS Development, etc. are meant for Application Programmers. Application Programmers write code to build business applications that run on existing System/Framework.

There are another species of programmers called "system programmers" who still writes code in C/C++ and deals with Linux/UNIX style operating systems. System Programmers write code which becomes part of hardware drivers, firmwares, kernel modules, software that runs on special computing devices such as mobile phones, modems, switches, routers, etc.

If you are able to run more than one application on any device today, it is because of system programmers. If you are able to encrypt/decrypt data on any storage device, it is because of system programmers. In this Internet Era, I can boldly say, the whole Internet (except Accounting, Billing, Network Management, Statistics/Intelligence) is built by system programmers. They are the invisible players who have shaped and are shaping what computers are today; what Internet is today. I can also say it is on system programmers' shoulders Application Programmers are standing.

Yet no institution prepares a student to become a system programmer. No training institute has a course on system programming. This course is meant to solve this purpose - to strike a balance between application & system programmers - to prepare deserving candidates to build a successful career in system programming. This course is planned for 130 hours as a finishing school course for ECE/CS/IT engineering students. It includes below 5 important modules which would enable any aspiring student to become a system programmer.

1. Computer Systems
2. Programming Tools
3. C programming language
4. Data Structures & Algorithms
5. Computer Networks

Click here to view the detailed syllabus.

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