@Red Fort, Delhi - during PRISM Training

A click during my visit to Red Fort, Delhi for my PRISM Training Program.

@Aricent, Chennai

Sreejith handing over the Kendama to me

@Dell Networking R&D, Chennai

With Dell's Pizza Boxes - S60, Z9000 & IOM

@Backwaters of Golden Bay Resorts, Chennai - during a team outing.

My first experience on sit-on-top kayak...

@Lotus Temple, Delhi

During a visit to Delhi

@Aricent, Chennai

Receiving M.S. Degree from Saro

Project A2RS

A2RS stands for Application-Aware Routing System. It's a SDN (Software Defined Networks) application developed as a Proof of Concept for my master's dissertation. This dissertation was aimed at developing an application-aware routing system (A2RS) for SDN which does differential routing based on type of application to which the traffic belongs to. Deploying such SDN application will help service providers to dynamically provision the network switches based on application characteristics and requirements, leading to a better overall user experience and reduction in bandwidth wastage. You can read my entire dissertation here or watch the demo video below.


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