@Red Fort, Delhi - during PRISM Training

A click during my visit to Red Fort, Delhi for my PRISM Training Program.

@Aricent, Chennai

Sreejith handing over the Kendama to me

@Dell Networking R&D, Chennai

With Dell's Pizza Boxes - S60, Z9000 & IOM

@Backwaters of Golden Bay Resorts, Chennai - during a team outing.

My first experience on sit-on-top kayak...

@Lotus Temple, Delhi

During a visit to Delhi

@Aricent, Chennai

Receiving M.S. Degree from Saro

Project Problems

Once I was desperately searching for "Problems". I was asking people

Have you ever faced a problem and wondered "Why nobody has found a solution for this yet?" or felt "Hey! This is irritating yaar..... It would be better if we have a better solution for this" ?

and was begging them to share it with me so that I can try to solve it using micro-computers. I also gave them an example problem like below

While riding my bike I decided to make a lane change. I looked at my side mirror to check vehicles on the lane I'm going to join. My side mirror gave me a "clear" flag. So I turned my corresponding turn light on and started moving towards that lane. Suddenly I was horrified by the horn of a car that was very close to me and I restricted myself from moving towards that lane further. I was wondering "How that car came into picture all of a sudden?" "Could it have come from a long distance very fast after I checked my side mirror?" or "Did I miss it while checking the side mirror?" "What would have happened if I didn't use my turn light or made a turn suddenly?"

Later I found that, that car was on my "Blind Spot" (the region which is not visible to our eyes and not through our side mirrors - usually 15-20 degrees on immediate back of the rider). Why nobody has not found a solution to this problem yet? Isn't it a matter of life and death?

I tried to reach people using different channels - I wrote mail to almost everyone in my contact list; posted the same in many forums and social networking sites. There were few responses but none had suggested any problem. Few asked "why are you searching for problems?" others mocked saying "My Mother-in-Law is my problem. Can you do something for that with your micro-controllers?"

Some suggested tools that gives me what's trending on Google, Twitter, etc. But that's is also not useful to get to know about unsolved problems people have.

When I was later pondering over how to get to know real world problems people face, I felt it would be better if there is a platform where people can share problems that they face. And my "Project - Problems" is exactly for this cause. Students, researchers & entrepreneurs can then try to solve problems which deserve a better solution.

This vision is just in my mind and have not been put into action yet. I'm planning to run this as a non-profitable, crowd-sourced project. If you are interested in this cause, you are most welcome to join hands with me to make this world a better place!


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