@Red Fort, Delhi - during PRISM Training

A click during my visit to Red Fort, Delhi for my PRISM Training Program.

@Aricent, Chennai

Sreejith handing over the Kendama to me

@Dell Networking R&D, Chennai

With Dell's Pizza Boxes - S60, Z9000 & IOM

@Backwaters of Golden Bay Resorts, Chennai - during a team outing.

My first experience on sit-on-top kayak...

@Lotus Temple, Delhi

During a visit to Delhi

@Aricent, Chennai

Receiving M.S. Degree from Saro

Project f-Spell

When I was back in campus, I started this with my friend Aparajth. Our objective at that time was to bridge the communication gap between speech & hearing impaired and normal people. Later it turned out to be an input device which can be used with any computing device like desktop, laptop and even mobile phones.

People with Speech and Hearing disabilities use the American Sign Language (ASL) as a tool to communicate with others. But most of the times the ASL is not understood by normal people. Hence they face difficulty in conveying their needs (during occasions like shopping) effectively to the outer world. Thus there arises a need to bridge this communication gap between those with this disability and those who are normal.

This glove is a Human Interface Device (HID) which converts ASL finger-spelling to ASCII. This glove will be worn by Speech and Hearing Impaired. Their various gestures of hand are recognized by sensors, processed by a microcontroller and can be displayed on an LCD or sent to computer over Bluetooth. As others can understand these converted characters better than ASL, our HID help bridging the communication gap stated above.

Since this glove somehow detects gestures and maps them to characters, this can also be used as an input device for computers. Ever since computers started gaining popularity, keyboard has been a popular and primary input device to feed data into computers. Even today most of the computers (desktop & laptops) rely on keyboard as their primary input device. The problem with keyboard is it's quite larger size which restricts it's ease of portability. Few alternate designs proposed so far (like flexible/roll-up keyboard, virtual/laser keyboard, etc.) are either impractical or costly. This glove can be used as a new alternative to keyboard (which can be put into a backpack easily than a keyboard) which detects gestures and converts them into ASCII  and sends them to PC/laptop via bluetooth.

Basically, it's a Cyber Glove which detects gestures(American Sign Language) and converts them into ASCII. So it can be used a input device for PC/laptop and also by speech & hearing impaired to communicate with the outer world.

To know the technical details of the project, read my post at 43oh.com here.

If you are interested in reading stories, you can read my blog about this project here.

Interested are welcome to work on it and make it better! If you are interested, just drop me a mail!!


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