@Red Fort, Delhi - during PRISM Training

A click during my visit to Red Fort, Delhi for my PRISM Training Program.

@Aricent, Chennai

Sreejith handing over the Kendama to me

@Dell Networking R&D, Chennai

With Dell's Pizza Boxes - S60, Z9000 & IOM

@Backwaters of Golden Bay Resorts, Chennai - during a team outing.

My first experience on sit-on-top kayak...

@Lotus Temple, Delhi

During a visit to Delhi

@Aricent, Chennai

Receiving M.S. Degree from Saro

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Welcome to my personal website Gulam.in! I’m a programmer, a blogger and an open-source lover interested in anything related to computer systems. A snapshot of typical Windows-98 Shutdown Dialogue Box in my Class IX text book kindled a spark inside me and since then I started learning computers and programming languages. Then the learning process went through Web Designing and Web Application Development. Later, accidentally, I ended up as a "system programmer" and started working on network equipments. As many other cyber millennials, I'm a lover of Open Source too (Ubuntu, Joomla! and Wordpress are my favorites). During my graduation programme, I was introduced to  Embedded Systems and at times I do few experiments with it. (You can find some videos in my YouTube Channel.)  This site contains my résumé, my blog, my bio and how you can reach me!

-- Bakshi Gulam


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